Paul Hoffmann | Pianist

Paul Hoffmann

My Teaching Philosophy

My performance career has brought me to experience many different styles and solve a myriad of notational, musical and technical challenges. Through the years I have been asked to play a lot of newly written music by composers of all styles of music. I have also studied and performed quite a lot of the standard repertoire and feel quite at ease with the music that most classical pianists play. Because of these two factors, I am considered by many to have an encyclopedic grasp of all music, including piano music in various combinations, written for the concert hall.

In a way, I don't understand how student pianists can shy away from challenges in general, but a lot of them play only what they know and hear others perform. I encourage my students, no matter the age, to listen to as much different music as possible, with an emphasis on classical music, because there is so much to appreciate in every style of music. Not all music is going to be easily listenable or playable at first, so it requires multiple visits to the actual recordings as well as to the written music to find out the gist of that music.

I want my students to find out what the intention of the composer is first, no matter the style, and then put the utmost into every note. This refers to music of any period from the oldest and most familiar to the newest.

Teaching Awards:
Genia Robinor Awards for Excellence in Piano Teaching 22 years in a row.
Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Piano Teachers Society of America, Carnegie Hall, 2002.

Professional Membership:
World Piano Teachers Association - WPTA
Central Florida Music Teachers Association - MTNA

Contact Me

My rates are very reasonable, so if you are interested in taking lessons from me, contact me at my email address below:

  • If you are a beginning student, intermediate or advanced piano student, please contact me initially at my email address which is: PH7177@GMAIL.COM Subject: Piano lessons.
  • If you would like to speak with me in person, please include your phone number and your best time of day and particular day in your email making it possible for me to call you back around that time.

My students' special performances

April 20, 2015. One of my very talented graduate students, Patricio Molina, just had an interview on David Dubal’s program, "Reflections from the Keyboard - The Piano in Spain", and performed “Flattery” from the Goyescas Suite by Enrico Granados broadcast live on WQXR at the Green Space.