Paul Hoffmann | Pianist


"I wanted to say thank you for working with me for the past two years. I think that I have made tremendous progress in my piano playing (especially with my technique) over the past few semesters, and that is largely thanks to you. I've felt that I was in a bit of a "work-in-progress" stage of my piano study since I entered MGSA, and I've spent large parts of the past few years adjusting to new styles of teaching and approaches to playing the instrument, partly as a result of having 3 different teachers in 3 years between the end of high school and my sophomore year at Rutgers. But as of the end of this past semester though, I really think that I've begun to make some serious breakthroughs, and I am tremendously grateful to you for continuing to push me to be a better player and challenge me with works like the Liszt and Ravel from this past spring (and for tolerating my crazy credit loads and ever-changing schedule every semester!" (Ryan Gorman)

"Professor Hoffmann was the greatest teacher I had at Rutgers. I've learned the most about piano, music, and life in general from my lesson. In just one year, the intensity of music making and learning was so rewarding I know I will never forget his teachings." (Jason Allen)

"You are the finest piano teacher I've ever had. Thank you for having me in your studio these two years, and always supporting and helping me!" (Siyi Chen)

"Thank you for teaching me this past year. I learned a lot from you about how to practice, how to make music, how to think about music, etc. I cannot forget everything you've done for me from the first time that I came here until the last moment that you taught me. You always opened your mind to your students and tried to help guide us. Thank you. Thank you so much." (MinGyeong Song)

"Professor Hoffmann: I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I can not tell you with words written or spoken the difference you have made in my life by supporting, helping and mentoring me to complete my [doctorate] degree…
You are a very special human being and I will never, ever forget what you have done." (Felix Spengler)

"Professor Hoffmann is one of the finest professors / musicians with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He is a consummate pedagogue but even more importantly, he is a compassionate teacher who has a heart of gold, a quality that is so difficult to find.
Prof. Hoffmann cares about his students very much. He is always available for his students and is willing to support us unconditionally. When I was looking for a university for my doctoral studies, I e-mailed professors to at least 10 different universities including prof. Hoffmann. Prof. Hoffmann was the only professor who answered all my questions right away, and welcomed me with an open heart. I knew that I would be happy studying with him - even before I met him.
Once I started the weekly lessons with him, I knew I had made the right decision coming to him. His knowledge of music is endless, and his office is filled with stacks and stacks of music that we cannot even find in our university libraries. But he never tries to “show-off” his knowledge to his students. He always gives the right amount of helpful suggestions (...whatever our need is for that particular week) without being condescending. After each lesson, I came out with a big smile, always feeling encouraged by him, and wanting to do better next week.
My knowledge of the piano repertoire became wider and deeper after having studied with prof. Hoffmann for three years. I am so grateful and very happy that I was able to study with him." (Azusa Komiyama)

"He has taught me so much, not only about piano, but also about persevering, and how to be a musician and an artist."

"Paul Hoffmann is one of the finest teachers I've ever had. "

"I have progressed tremendously with the help of Professor Hoffmann and I would recommend his teaching techniques to everyone."

"Excellent teacher. He is patient, articulate and very insightful."

"I feel that he is a demanding yet patient instructor. He pushes for excellence, but not so hard that it scares me. He is very inspirational."

"My entire approach to the piano has changed significantly this year resulting in vast improvement."

"[He has a] wonderful command of music theory and performance - a wonderful person."

"I want to say thank you for being a great teacher for me. You were very nice and kind in every lesson and encouraged me. I am so thankful that you were my piano teacher in my first year in Mason Gross, Rutgers University. I will not forget what I have learned from you and remember your kindness and passion for music." (Joanne Na)

My Student's Awards

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My Students as Professors/Teachers

Dr. Karina Bruk, DMA (RU)
Graduate Advisor/Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Director of Chamber Music
Department of Music
Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Patricio Molina (DMA piano/composition in progress, RU)
Director of the Newark School of the Arts

Dr. Kang Hee Lee, DMA (RU)
Assistant Professor of Piano
Baek Seok Arts University, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Han Yi Tsai (RU)
Assistant Professor of Music at Soochow University in Taiwan

Dr. Leslie Spotz, DMA (RU)
Professor of Piano
Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center
Department of Fine Arts + Communications
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, Texas

Dr. Soh Yeong Lee
Professor of Piano, Millersville University
Music faculty, Montgomery County Community College
Professor of Piano, Ursinus College

Students in Klassenabend
Paul Hoffmann with some of his students who performed at his “Klassenabend” at Rutgers in May 2, 2015 in Shindell Concert Hall, Mason Gross School of the Arts, New Brunswick, NJ. The students from left to right are: Siyi Chen, Seoeun Jung and Kevin Madison.

Students from Chinese Community Center
A number of Paul Hoffmann's students, former and present, from the Chinese Community Center in Somerset, NJ, after attending his March 2015 duo concert with Karina Bruk.