Paul Hoffmann | Pianist

Paul Hoffmann


"Paul Hoffmann is a true artist."
Rudolf Serkin, world-renowned concert pianist, after hearing his live performance of Schumann's Davisdbündlertänze

"In the Vienna Schubert Hall, he presented a program which revealed his variety of talents as a pianist... [Regarding] Schubert's Wanderer-Phantasie... In the faster passages he showed expressiveness and liveliness whereas in the sensitive presentation of the Adagio he made us feel 'the calm, sad, wanderer.'... Regarding the interpretation and realization of Scriabin's and Prokofiev's sonatas, the musician outdid the very well-versed technician. With Prokofiev's opus[Sonata No. 6], he offered a distinctively mature performance."
Paul Lorenz, Wiener Zeitung. Vienna, Austria

"Paul Hoffmann was most brilliantly rendering Franz Schubert's Wanderer Phantasie. His technique is admirable; his crystal clear touch absolutely accurate. At the same time, he knows how to express even the faintest and most delicate nuances. He is carving out the individual voices like a sculptor, as is the case in the Adagio, and the fugue in the Presto with its surprising variations which in themselves demand a grand technique. With the Deutsche Tänze by Franz Schubert, played in an exemplary manner, he also showed his sensitivity for this type of music."
Chiemgau Zeitung, Germany

"Paul Hoffmann played Morris Cotel's Yetzirah brilliantly."
David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor

"Besides joining [oboist] Ostryniec in several pieces, Hoffmann soloed in John Cage's absorbing Bacchanale, and in the exotically descriptive Recifs of Antoine Tisne."
Joseph McLellan, Washington Post

"Paul Hoffmann succeeded with a brilliant program for piano. While evoking a magic, transparent atmosphere, his touch proved to sensitive, energetic, or coloristic, as the situation demanded."
La Nouvelle Republique, Tours, France


"I love you using Beethoven's quote for your logo. I still remember so vividly your phenomenal performance of my very, very demanding piano piece!"
Ushio Torikai, composer, NYC

"your excellent performance of my music in Baltimore."
George Crumb

"I remember your beautiful playing."
Lukas Foss, conductor of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, 1982.

"Although our concerts have provided many fine recitals, yours remains one of the most remembered and discussed. Even the older persons in attendance were impressed with your interpretations of the contemporary music If you are interested, we would like to have you perform here again."
James R. Hines, Director of Music, Christopher Newport College, Newport News, Virginia. 1981

"I want to express my appreciation for the recital and master class you presented [here] last month. Our students and the general audience were treated to an unusual and well-performed recital... [your] facile technique and real enthusiasm assures fine programs."
James R. Hines, Director of Music, Christopher Newport College, Newport News, Virginia. 1982

"Paul Hoffmann was musically and pedagogically one of the best guest artists we have had here in the past several years."
John Beall, Professor of Music, West Virginia University. 1984

"I am doing research on a book devoted to music for two pianos at the present time and am very anxious to include as [many] twentieth century contributions to this medium as possible. I am wondering if you would have specific contemporary works to suggest in this medium for inclusion." - "Thank you for your most helpful list!"
Maurice Hinson, Professor of Piano, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and author of the books: Music for Piano and Orchestra, Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire, The Piano in Camber Ensemble, Music for Two Pianos.